Autoitlauncher 1.0 screenshots — the Design Modus, Command Editor, Move Modus, Editor, Directory


The Autoitlauncher Design Modus.

In The Design Modus you can

  • Go to the Com­mand Edi­tor.
  • Resize the but­ton icons.
  • Move the cam.
  • Turn the But­tons roll angle, pitch angle, turn angle.
  • Zoom the scale.
  • Cre­ate new but­ton icons.
  • reload and save the pro­gram.
  • And oth­er set­tings.

If every­thing is Designed you can sim­ple use the func­tions reload & save and restart the pro­gram.

autoitlauncher button icons with design modus

The Autoitlauncher Command Editor.

Here you have a screen­shot of the com­mand edi­tor in autoit­launch­er with a autoit exam­ple script.
In the com­mand edi­tor you can :

  • Choose the pic­ture files for the but­ton icons
  • And choose the sound files for the but­ton icons.
  • Choose the exten­sions for exam­ple .au3 .bat or .???
  • Write the autoit script­ing codes or oth­er pro­gram lan­guages.

Push the reload save and restart but­ton and it is done.
autoit example script with button icon and command editor

Move Modus.

In the Move Modus you are able to resize the win­dow or move the win­dow.

autoit Move modus launcher with button icons

The Autoitlauncher Editor.

In the edi­tor you will see the whole autoit pro­gram of autoit­launch­er. (oth­er script­ing lan­guages is also pos­si­ble)

You do not need to change some­thing in this edi­tor , only if you want to copy and paste a blok of code to a oth­er loca­tion, or do a fine tun­ings.

autoit editor launcher

The directory of Autoitlauncher.


In this screen­shot you can see the direc­to­ry of autoit­launch­er.
If you run the 4 make backup.bat you can make a com­plete back­up in one click.

autoit directory launcher