HotKeySet vs HotStringSet

autoit text to symbols

The Best Commands in Autoit Languages.

These commands are the most usefull functions in Autoit scripting languages. with HotKeyset command you can execute any kind of scripting codes by typing only a keyboard shortcuts combination on your fisical keyboard and it will run direct the autoit code lines. and with HotStringSet command you can type any kind of text to run direct the autoit codes lines.

How to Install HotStringSet.au3 file to the default path of autoit.

Step 1 : Download and install autoit on your system.
Step 2 : Download and unzip HotStringFile.zip
here you will find the HotString.au3 file.
To use HotStringSet function you will need manually install the HotString.au3 file.
Copy the file into path C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include
And it is done. You can now use this in every autoit scripts.

Autoitlauncher 1.0 example ShortText into LongText.

Here you will find a Autoitlauncher 1.0 example together with this power tool you can do many things and it is everything in 3d.
Download and unzip the file ShortText-into-LongText.zip And run the exe file.
In this example it will use the same HotString.au3 file.
You can copy this file to the default path of autoit and you can use the HotStringSet function in every Autoitlauncher examples.

Watch the Youtube video and See what Autoitlauncher can do.

HotKeyset a simple autoit script example.

; Push F1 to paste the text from the clipboard memory.
HotKeySet('{F1}', 'Paste')

Func Paste()
send ('^v')

While 1

HotStringSet autoit script example.

#include <HotString.au3>

HotKeySet ('{F1}', 'quit')
HotStringSet('kbc{SPACE}', replace1)
HotStringSet('sil{SPACE}', replace2)
HotStringSet('ema{SPACE}', replace3)
HotStringSet('pi{SPACE}', replace4)
HotStringSet('ohm{SPACE}', replace5)
HotStringSet('calc{SPACE}', replace6)

Func quit()

Func replace1()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed kbc! :)')
send ('{BS 4}keyboard control ') ; replace [kbc] into [keyboard control]

Func replace2()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed sil! :)')
send ('{BS 4}ShortText into LongText ') ; replace [sil] into [ShortText into LongText]

Func replace3()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed ema! :)')
send ('{BS 4}[email protected] ') ; replace [ema] into [[email protected]]

Func replace4()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed pi! :)')
send ('{BS 3}{ASC 960} ') ; replace [pi] into [symbol π]

Func replace5()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed ohm! :)')
send ('{BS 4}{ASC 234} ') ; replace [ohm] into [symbol Ω]

Func replace6()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed calc! :)')
Local $iPID = ShellExecute ('calc.exe') ; If you type calc it wil run the application calculator.

While 1