HotKeySet vs HotStringSet

  • HotKey­Set com­mands can exe­cute autoit scripts by typ­ing a key­board short­cuts com­bi­na­tions.
  • Hot­StringSet com­mands can exe­cute autoit scripts by typ­ing text com­bi­na­tions.

    HotKeySet vs HotStringSet

The Best Commands in Autoit Languages.

These com­mands are the most use­full func­tions in Autoit script­ing lan­guages. with HotKey­set com­mand you can exe­cute any kind of script­ing codes by typ­ing only a key­board short­cuts com­bi­na­tion on your fisi­cal key­board and it will run direct the autoit code lines. and with Hot­StringSet com­mand you can type any kind of text to run direct the autoit codes lines.

How to Install HotStringSet.au3 file to the default path of autoit.

Step 1 : Down­load and install autoit on your sys­tem.
Step 2 : Down­load and unzip
here you will find the HotString.au3 file.
To use Hot­StringSet func­tion you will need man­u­al­ly install the HotString.au3 file.
Copy the file into path C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include
And it is done. You can now use this in every autoit scripts.

Autoitlauncher 1.0 example ShortText into LongText.

Here you will find a Autoit­launch­er 1.0 exam­ple togeth­er with this pow­er tool you can do many things and it is every­thing in 3d.
Down­load and unzip the file And run the exe file.
In this exam­ple it will use the same HotString.au3 file.
You can copy this file to the default path of autoit and you can use the Hot­StringSet func­tion in every Autoit­launch­er exam­ples.


HotKeyset a simple autoit script example.

; Push F1 to paste the text from the clip­board mem­o­ry.
HotKeySet('{F1}', 'Paste')

Func Paste()
send ('^v')

While 1

HotStringSet autoit script example.

#include <HotString.au3>

HotKey­Set ('{F1}', 'quit')
HotStringSet('kbc{SPACE}', replace1)
HotStringSet('sil{SPACE}', replace2)
HotStringSet('ema{SPACE}', replace3)
HotStringSet('pi{SPACE}', replace4)
HotStringSet('ohm{SPACE}', replace5)
HotStringSet('calc{SPACE}', replace6)

Func quit()

Func replace1()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed kbc! :)')
send ('{BS 4}keyboard con­trol ') ; replace [kbc] into [key­board con­trol]

Func replace2()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed sil! :)')
send ('{BS 4}ShortText into Long­Text ') ; replace [sil] into [Short­Text into Long­Text]

Func replace3()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed ema! :)')
send ('{BS 4} ') ; replace [ema] into []

Func replace4()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed pi! :)')
send ('{BS 3}{ASC 960} ') ; replace [pi] into [sym­bol π]

Func replace5()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed ohm! :)')
send ('{BS 4}{ASC 234} ') ; replace [ohm] into [sym­bol Ω]

Func replace6()
;MsgBox(0,'','You did typed calc! :)')
Local $iPID = ShellEx­e­cute ('calc.exe') ; If you type calc it wil run the appli­ca­tion cal­cu­la­tor.

While 1