What is Autoitlauncher.

autoit script launcher button icons animations

Autoitlauncher is a button icons Automation Software in 3d.
You can Build a platform board of 3d button icons on your desktop, these buttons can run autoit scripts. (keyboard shortcuts macros)
Autoit. Is a programmable scripting languages for keyboard, joystick, or mouse device.
With this you can easy make a button icon and write a simple or complex autoit Script, if that is done you can push these buttons with your mouse or touch device and it will direct execute the code. (native autoit)
This tool can reduce ripetitive movements :

  • No more to remember keyboard shortcuts combinations.
  • No more typing keyboard shortcuts on your fisical keyboard, click the buttons on the screen and it is done. With this you are able to stay always your hand on the mouse device.
  • or remap your fisical keyboard with you favorite keystroke macro scripts.
  • Make in 3d your own popup menu, multi clipboards, application launcher or script launcher.

Autoitlauncher works on (windows 7/8/8.1/10 32/64 bit)
It required that you did install autoit on your windows system.
Together with this power tool, you can speedup your computer movements.
Autoitlauncher is a 5 days in every week freeware that you can use. (Saturday and Monday only with license. click here for the (EULA) license agreement for end users)


autoit script launcher with multi clipboard and button icons

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How to Install Autoitlauncher.

Step 1 : Download and install Autoit on your system. Click this
Step 2 : Download and unzip Autoitlauncher Click here
Step 3 : Autoitlauncher is portable, put it on ramdisk or disk and run it.
Updates :
Check here for the Latest Changelog

Features Autoit.

  • Remap keyboard layout or remap mouse buttons.
  • Simulate keystrokes and mouse movements – from keyboard or mouse device.
  • Basic-like Scripting languages.
  • Easy commands to write or read the windows registry.
  • You can Transform (short text) into (long text)
    for example (kbc) into (keyboard control)
    or Transform text into symbols (pi) into (π) and (ohm) into (Ω)
    You can also make any words into commands for example if you type (calc) it will run the calculator.
    For more info you can look to HotKeySet vs HotStringSet

HotKeySet vs HotStringSet

Features Autoitlauncher.

  • Button icons in 3d. (card, disk, cube, cylinder, sphere)
  • Multi Clipboard in 3d.
  • Popup menu in 3d.
  • Simulate keystrokes and mouse movements – from button icons, keyboard or mouse device.
  • Run keyboard Shortcuts scripts (without focus the windows) – this means you can use it in any applications.
  • Animation Buttons.
  • Simultane Sounds.
  • Select text and do a google search – in one button click.
  • Select text and translate that text – in one button click.
  • Autoitlauncher – Run Scrips From Button icons.
  • You have one central editor where you can write any kind of
    scripting languages (msdos,autoit,???)

Simple example script autoit.

;Press F1 key on keyboard and it will copy the text to clipboard memory.
HotKeySet (‘{F1}’, ‘Copy’)

Func Copy()
send (‘^c’)

While 1


Simple example script Autoitlauncher.

;Press button icon 1 on the desktop and it will paste the text from clipboard memory.
send (‘^v’)

You can see the code is shorter, in Autoitlauncher you have one central command editor together with the design editor, you can easy :
step 1 – Create a 3d button icon on the desktop.
step 2 – Choose a image file and choose a sound file.
step 3 – Write the autoit code.


For who is Autoitlauncher maked for.

Autoitlauncher is maked for users, that do not want every day to remember keyboard shortcuts combinations or do searching into the menus in any applications to find the right keystroke combination for that function. With Autoitlauncher you can make in one central place popup menu, in 3d a platform board with your favorite set of 3d button icons that can direct execute the shortcuts macro autoit scripts, with the mouse or touch device. an other pro of this tool is you can always stays your hand on the mouse device, no need to move your hand to your keyboard to press the keystroke combinations.


Autoit vs Autoitlauncher.

Autoit is a light and very fast coding languages to automate computer movements, you can write the autoit scripts in a editor, and autoit self has no graphic interface. The pros are lightweight cpu load and it use a small size of ram memory.

Autoitlauncher does have self a 3d GUI graphic interface, in the design modus you are able to create in a three dimensional area a set of 3d button icons. (cube,card,sphere,disk,cylinder) You can select these buttons and then write direct the autoit scripting macro codes in the central command editor. Reload and Save it and it’s done, you are ready to run the scripts from the button icons out.

Conclusion :
Use autoit, If you need small cpu load and you want to automate the keyboard shortcuts combos movements, and you like to use your fisical keyboard to execute these parts of macro autoit scripts.
Use Autoitlauncher. if you want to automate with the button icons on the desktop, and not only from out your fisical keyboard.


Other Favorite Autoit examples and Autoitlauncher examples :

In autoitlauncher you can write and execute, all the autoit examples or any kind of scripting languages codes. the main languages is autoit.

  • Run any sort of application. Autoit example.
    Local $iPID = ShellExecute (“notepad.exe”)
  • Go to a URL website adress with the default browser. Autoit example.
    Local $iPID = ShellExecute (“https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions.htm”)
  • Write a value in the windows registry. Autoit example.
    send (‘^c’)
    sleep (150)
    local $a1=clipget()
    sleep (150)
    RegWrite (‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\AutoItLauncher\clipboard 1\KeyHintText’,’1′,’REG_SZ’,$a1) ; set copy 1
  • Read a value in the windows registry. Autoit example.
    local $OutputVar = RegRead(‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\AutoItLauncher\clipboard 1\KeyHintText’,’1′) ; read copy 1
    send (‘^v’) ; send paste 1



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