What is Autoitlauncher.

autoit script launcher button icons animations

Autoit­launch­er is a but­ton icons Automa­tion Soft­ware in 3d.
You can Build a plat­form board of 3d but­ton icons on your desk­top, these but­tons can run autoit scripts. (key­board short­cuts macros)
Autoit. Is a pro­gram­ma­ble script­ing lan­guages for key­board, joy­stick, or mouse device.
With this you can easy make a but­ton icon and write a sim­ple or com­plex autoit Script, if that is done you can push these but­tons with your mouse or touch device and it will direct exe­cute the code. (native autoit)
This tool can reduce ripet­i­tive move­ments :

  • No more to remem­ber key­board short­cuts com­bi­na­tions.
  • No more typ­ing key­board short­cuts on your fisi­cal key­board, click the but­tons on the screen and it is done. With this you are able to stay always your hand on the mouse device.
  • Or remap your fisi­cal key­board with you favorite key­stroke macro scripts.
  • Make in 3d your own pop­up menu, mul­ti clip­boards, appli­ca­tion launch­er or script launch­er.

Autoit­launch­er works on (win­dows 7/8/8.1/10 32/64 bit)
It required that you did install autoit on your win­dows sys­tem.
Togeth­er with this pow­er tool, you can speedup your com­put­er move­ments.
Autoit­launch­er is a 5 days in every week free­ware that you can use. (Sat­ur­day and Mon­day only with license. click here for the (EULA) license agree­ment for end users)


autoit script launcher with multi clipboard and button icons

Download portals for Autoitlauncher software.

Click the but­tons to down­load Autoit­launch­er soft­ware.

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How to Install Autoitlauncher.

Step 1 : Down­load and install Autoit on your sys­tem. Click this
Step 2 : Down­load and unzip Autoit­launch­er Click here
Step 3 : Autoit­launch­er is portable, put it on ramdisk or disk and run it.
Updates :
Check here for the Lat­est Changel­og

Features Autoit.

  • Remap key­board lay­out or remap mouse but­tons.
  • Sim­u­late key­strokes and mouse move­ments — from key­board or mouse device.
  • Basic-like Script­ing lan­guages.
  • Easy com­mands to write or read the win­dows reg­istry.
  • You can Trans­form (short text) into (long text)
    for exam­ple (kbc) into (key­board con­trol)
    or Trans­form text into sym­bols (pi) into (π) and (ohm) into (Ω)
    You can also make any words into com­mands for exam­ple if you type (calc) it will run the cal­cu­la­tor.
    For more info you can look to HotKey­Set vs Hot­StringSet

HotKeySet vs HotStringSet

Features Autoitlauncher.

  • But­ton icons in 3d. (card, disk, cube, cylin­der, sphere)
  • Mul­ti Clip­board in 3d.
  • Pop­up menu in 3d.
  • Sim­u­late key­strokes and mouse move­ments — from but­ton icons, key­board or mouse device.
  • Run key­board Short­cuts scripts (with­out focus the win­dows) — this means you can use it in any appli­ca­tions.
  • Ani­ma­tion But­tons.
  • Simul­tane Sounds.
  • Select text and do a google search — in one but­ton click.
  • Select text and trans­late that text — in one but­ton click.
  • Autoit­launch­er — Run Scrips From But­ton icons.
  • You have one cen­tral edi­tor where you can write any kind of
    script­ing lan­guages (msdos,autoit,???)

Simple example script autoit.

;Press F1 key on key­board and it will copy the text to clip­board mem­o­ry.
HotKey­Set ('{F1}', 'Copy')

Func Copy()
send ('^c')

While 1


Simple example script Autoitlauncher.

;Press but­ton icon 1 on the desk­top and it will paste the text from clip­board mem­o­ry.
send ('^v')

You can see the code is short­er, in Autoit­launch­er you have one cen­tral com­mand edi­tor togeth­er with the design edi­tor, you can easy :
step 1 — Cre­ate a 3d but­ton icon on the desk­top.
step 2 — Choose a image file and choose a sound file.
step 3 — Write the autoit code.


For who is Autoitlauncher maked for.

Autoit­launch­er is maked for users, that do not want every day to remem­ber key­board short­cuts com­bi­na­tions or do search­ing into the menus in any appli­ca­tions to find the right key­stroke com­bi­na­tion for that func­tion. With Autoit­launch­er you can make in one cen­tral place pop­up menu, in 3d a plat­form board with your favorite set of 3d but­ton icons that can direct exe­cute the short­cuts macro autoit scripts, with the mouse or touch device. an oth­er pro of this tool is you can always stays your hand on the mouse device, no need to move your hand to your key­board to press the key­stroke com­bi­na­tions.


Autoit vs Autoitlauncher.

Autoit is a light and very fast cod­ing lan­guages to auto­mate com­put­er move­ments, you can write the autoit scripts in a edi­tor, and autoit self has no graph­ic inter­face. The pros are light­weight cpu load and it use a small size of ram mem­o­ry.

Autoit­launch­er does have self a 3d GUI graph­ic inter­face, in the design modus you are able to cre­ate in a three dimen­sion­al area a set of 3d but­ton icons. (cube,card,sphere,disk,cylinder) You can select these but­tons and then write direct the autoit script­ing macro codes in the cen­tral com­mand edi­tor. Reload and Save it and it's done, you are ready to run the scripts from the but­ton icons out.

Con­clu­sion :
Use autoit, If you need small cpu load and you want to auto­mate the key­board short­cuts com­bos move­ments, and you like to use your fisi­cal key­board to exe­cute these parts of macro autoit scripts.
Use Autoit­launch­er. if you want to auto­mate with the but­ton icons on the desk­top, and not only from out your fisi­cal key­board.


Other Favorite Autoit examples and Autoitlauncher examples :

In autoit­launch­er you can write and exe­cute, all the autoit exam­ples or any kind of script­ing lan­guages codes. the main lan­guages is autoit.

  • Run any sort of appli­ca­tion. Autoit exam­ple.
    Local $iPID = ShellEx­e­cute ("notepad.exe")
  • Go to a URL web­site adress with the default brows­er. Autoit exam­ple.
    Local $iPID = ShellEx­e­cute ("https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions.htm")
  • Write a val­ue in the win­dows reg­istry. Autoit exam­ple.
    send ('^c')
    sleep (150)
    local $a1=clipget()
    sleep (150)
    Reg­Write ('HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\AutoItLauncher\clipboard 1\KeyHintText','1','REG_SZ',$a1) ; set copy 1
  • Read a val­ue in the win­dows reg­istry. Autoit exam­ple.
    local $Out­put­Var = RegRead('HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\AutoItLauncher\clipboard 1\KeyHintText','1') ; read copy 1
    send ('^v') ; send paste 1



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